Revolutionary Effervescent Drink Induces Deeper Sleep Faster!

Your life is busy and stressful. So you need deep, quality sleep. But you don’t have the time to get 8 or 10 hours every night. So, what if you could get the same deep, restful benefits of sleeping 10 hours in just 6 hours or less!

Now you can with Restalex-PM.

RESTALEX pmRestalex-PM is the first sleep-inducing effervescent drink that puts you into to deep sleep fast and keeps you there until you wake up. With absolutely no groggy, foggy side effects, you’ll be fresh and focused upon awaking. And deeper, better quality sleep means more energy and more hours to play during the day!

Most sleep products are in pill form which can take up to 90 minutes to penetrate your system and even then never thoroughly dissolve. That’s why the makers of Restalex-PM created a soothing drink to assure that you get the 100% absorption and maximum benefits of the sleep-inducing and sleep-sustaining ingredients. Simply drop one effervescent wafer into a glass of water 30 minutes before you want to sleep and get the rest you need.

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